Submersible Fixed Dewatering Pump


The Submersible Fixed Dewatering Pump we manufacture and supply is in demand for its robust construction with computer aided design, compact and efficient offering best possible output at minimum power input. We fabricate Submersible Fixed Dewatering Pump for continuous operation, where pump house is not required as the suction being placed at the bottom draws water to the lowest level. At the unit special anti corrosive process is carried out to a wetted parts for longer life of the Submersible Fixed Dewatering Pump. Rock bottom pires has been fixed for the Submersible Fixed Dewatering Pump we market.
Components Of Submersible Fixed Dewatering Pump

  • Pump is driven by ‘F’ class insulated / PVC coated oil filled motor suitable for 3 phase, 415V, 50Hz A.C. supply
  • Flow of water is passed between motor body and jacket, keeps winding cool
  • Mixed flow impeller is mounted on extended motor shaft
  • Motor is protected from raw water by Mechanical seals of adequate size and combination of material as per application
  • Stator and rotor are vacuum impregnated with heavy duty thermal varnish
  • Impeller and rotor assembly are dynamically balanced for vibration free and noiseless operation
  • Thirmister control sensor can be provided
  • Available with aluminium construction up to 10 Hp
  • Stationary parts like discharge outlet, by pass, Bowl, suction case, housings etc. are of graded C.I. casting
  • Jackets and motor body are hydraulically tested
  • Shaft sis made of S.S
  • Impeller shall be CI/Bronze/ S.S
  • Protective sleeve made of S.S
  • Oil cooled lubricated anti-friction heavy duty ball bearing of adequate size placed at top and bottom
  • Angular bearing is positioned to take up hydraulic thrust
  • Motor leaves either PVC. coated wire winding or ‘F': class winding.

Used For

  • Dewatering of mines and collieries
  • Strom water
  • Industrial waste water



Head up to 100 mtrs.
Capacity up to 2000 cu. Mt/Hr
Stage One / Two
Lubrication Oil
  1. P.
1.5 to 200 H. P.
RPM 2900 / 1450
Bearing Ball Bearing

C.S. Dewatering Pump Model


Inst. Dewatering Pump Model